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Area Rug Repair Services

Area Rug Repair Services in New York, NY

Rugs have always been a beautiful way to decorate our space. Most of us have different types of rugs that adorn our living rooms, our bedrooms, and other spaces in the house; we also see a lot of rugs add a charming look to office spaces.

As you know, Rugs are used a lot, we stand on them, we play with our pets on them, we sit on them, we may even use them to sit on while having our meals or just while hanging out with friends…and sometimes our pets may use the rugs as their own space to relax on. With such rigorous use, these rugs begin to lose their bright and shiny look, they become dirty, and they get smelly, collect dust, tear from places and may even become affected by fungus. What could be worse is that most of the times the rugs we have are either family heirlooms or are quite expensive and throwing them away is just not an option.

That is why it is important to get your rugs cleaned and repaired and what is more important is to get it done from a service that understands the importance of these rugs and treats them the way they should be…with care.

At New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. we provide with the best area rug repair solutions for your rug keeping in mind not to treat it with harsh chemicals that tend to take away the original look of the material and the fabric.

We offer a variety of services for area rug repair:

  • Re-weaving
  • Restoration of the corners
  • Patching holes
  • Rug Repairing tears, rips, and slices
  • Managing color bleeding repair
  • Managing moth damage
  • Stain and spot removal
  • Managing water damage
  • Pet stain and odor removal
  • Re-binding the sides
  • Antique rug cleaning and restoration

Our Guarantee

At NY Carpet Cleaning our focus is to provide you with the best area rug repair services. We promise you that you will be so happy with our excellent services that you won’t be able to find the repaired areas. That is why we offer you a quote before we begin the work, once you have given us a green signal is when we proceed…to give you that beautiful rug back. To make you even happier, we offer free pick up and delivery. So don’t hesitate and call us today.