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Blog Posts, Articles and Cleaning Tips by New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

5 Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Pet stain and odor removal can present a real challenge. Yet, this frustrating problem can be overcome with a little knowledge and a few helpful carpet cleaning tips and techniques. Here are five: Be Prepared Have the right products, tools, and equipment on hand when an accident happens. Enzyme treatments designed specifically for neutralizing urine stains and odors, and a hand-held carpet extractor are two items you’ll need. An enzymatic cleaner that contains bacteria and an...

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3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company To Remove Pet Stains And Odors

A pet can be a great addition to a family. Pets are also great for single people who need some company. When you first adopt a pet, he needs to be trained. During the training process, it is not uncommon for the pet to have an accident on the floor. Even after the pet is trained, he can have an accident if he is sick. If accidents happen on hard floors such as those in the kitchen and bathroom, the mess is often very easy to clean up. If the pet has an accident on the carpet, cleaning the mess...

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Spring Officially Arrives: Perfect Timing To Have Your Carpet Cleaned

Carpet Cleaning: A Dreaded Chore Or A Wonderful Opportunity? Some people look at carpet cleaning as a dreaded chore, while others see it as a wonderful opportunity. Now that it is time for spring cleaning, it is your chance to make some positive changes in your home. Even if you cleaned your house regularly throughout the winter, a thorough cleaning is much different. You may have removed surface dirt with your vacuum once a week, but there is much in your carpets that a vacuum cannot reach....

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Recycle Old Carpet And Help Our Environment

Pounds of Carpet Gets Dumped Each Year! Great idea to recycle old carpet, and here’s why: Rolls of old carpeting resting by the curb are a familiar sight during the summer “renovation season,” but they shouldn’t be; every year, a staggering five billion pounds of carpet is needlessly deposited in American landfills. This is especially problematic because the vast majority of carpets are made out of artificial materials that do not readily biodegrade; the waste from old carpets,...

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Summer Cleaning Tips That Will Give Your Home a Fresh Look!

Summer Cleaning Tips That Will Give Your Home a Fresh Look! New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. is excited to start the new season with these summer cleaning tips to make your home even homier and beautiful for the new season! And in no time, after you’re done with all your summer cleaning, you will be ready to enjoy the summer relaxing with fruit and refreshing drinks! It’s a good idea to start the hot season with clean carpets so call your local carpet cleaning company to give you a...

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The Benefits of Organic Carpet Cleaning

Why You Should “Go Green” with Organic Carpet Cleaning? While many people are aware of the health risks posed by having a dirty carpet, too few of us realize the potential dangers—both to ourselves, our pets, and the environment—posed by conventional carpet cleaning techniques. As such, organic carpet cleaning has yet to become the “default” choice for those who are seeking carpet cleaning services or attempting to clean their own carpets. If you’re unfamiliar with the...

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Five Myths About Carpet Installation

Five Myths About Carpet Installation Even if stories about magic carpets have become a thing of the past, our society as a whole still produces a surprising number of myths about carpeting. Take the five popular myths about carpet installation below, for instance—all of them are unequivocally false, yet if you walk into a room full of hardwood floor enthusiasts, you’ll be sure to hear at least one of them espoused like the gospel truth…  in this blog, we will shatter those...

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Spot and Stain Remover Techniques That Will Impress Your Family

Spot and Stain Remover Techniques That Will Impress Your Family Stains have always been a frustrating issue, especially when it’s on your favorite blouse or your new carpet. We have awesome tips on stain remover from your favorite clothes, fabrics, and carpets. So what do we do when a drop of ketchup lands on your new jacket or when your favorite pen is leaking in your pocket? Don’t get rid of these clothes just yet. Tackle these stains with confidence with these stain remover and...

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