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Area Rug Cleaning Services in New York

Area rug cleaning services in New York

If you own a rug, you will require the services of a rug cleaning company in New York. Rugs are multipurpose in nature, they can help in covering the bad patches on the floor, give a soft and a wooly texture for your feet and more importantly, they are very appealing to eyes. But cleaning these rugs can be a big headache; you will require a professional rug cleaning company to take care of your rugs. It is important to clean your carpets timely to not only prolong its life, but also to avoid any disease caused by the bust and bacteria that is being lying in your carpet.

A rug cleaning company in New York has adequate tools and latest technology to clean your rugs; it has the professional expertise and experience to tackle any cleaning problem related to rugs. Rugs may be a decorative element for your home, but ensure that they are properly cleaned as not doing it can lead to many health problems; therefore it is better to take help of profession company  to thoroughly clean your rugs instead of doing it yourself.

Area rug cleaning – Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process consists of the following steps:

  • Pre-inspecting the rug: Each rug is carefully examined by the New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. to look out for discoloration, fading, stains, odors and any existing damage to the carpet before cleaning it.
  • Dusting: The microscopic dust particles that exist in the rugs are very harmful to health and must be removed. Hence the New York Carpet Cleaning company uses dry air dusting or vacuuming to get rid of all dust particles before washing the rugs.
  • Pre-treatment: The rugs are treated to protect their color and fabric and other such things before washing them.
  • Washing Process: The next step is washing the rugs using special solutions that do not damage the rugs but cleans them thoroughly.
  • Rinsing Process: After cleaning, the rugs are thoroughly agitated and rinsed to get rid of any soil residues that still remain on the rugs.
  • Drying Process: They have to be dried in separate room with climatic control and the drying process lasts for less than 24 hours in which the carpet is completely dried.
  • Final Inspection: A final inspection is required to see if any spot is left unclean to maintain high standards of cleaning and the entire process is repeated if such a spot is found.
Rug Cleaning

Our state of the art, in-plant rug cleaning facility

A rug cleaning company in New York will look after all your cleaning problems and provide you with a complete solution. Along with rug cleaning, they also offer services such as organic cleaning in which they only use organic substances for cleaning and avoid using any harsh artificial chemicals for your goods. Carpet cleaning is also offered which ensures thorough cleaning of your carpets.

New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. also repairs carpets or rugs along with cleaning in case there is a damage caused to them. They are also experts in cleaning of leather goods and upholstery. More importantly, the second most difficult items to clean are curtains and drapes, which are also cleaned by them. The New York carpet cleaning company also offers you services like tile or grout cleaning and your precious marble restoration. They also clean damages caused by fire or water hazards. You can sign an annual contract with them depending upon your needs, for periodic cleaning of your things. Apart from taking residential contracts, the rug cleaning company in New York also takes commercial contract of cleaning commercial properties. They have a list of big corporate clients who use their services.

Majority of such rug cleaning companies in New York have their own website which you can visit to find out all the details about the kind of services offered by them along with the additional services such as express service, door to door delivery, 24×7 service, etc. You can compare the services offered by a few of these companies before selecting one. Make sure that you compare the rates of the services offered to ensure that you are not overpaying and you get the most affordable services.

You will find options to select a rug cleaning company in New York, it is a flourishing business and many are looking to be a part of it which eventually benefits the customer in terms of service and affordability. After careful evaluation, select a rug cleaning company in New York that is best suited for your needs.

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