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Carpet Cleaning Methods by New York Carpet Cleaning Company

Which carpet cleaning method is best for my carpet?

Carpet cleaning  is important to homeowners who invest in carpet and would like to keep it healthy, fresh and clean. In addition to the odor and dirt which accumulate in carpets, dust mites and other microscopic organisms can make themselves at home there. As a result of this, individuals should consider carpet cleaning  a minimum of two times per year. The methods of carpet cleaning that are ideal for you will be contingent on the level of traffic that the carpet endures, whether any member of the family has allergies and whether children and pets reside in the home.

In addition, it is extremely essential for the life of the carpet to select a cleaning method which is compatible with the fabrics that the carpet is made of. For this reason, it is better to hire the services of a carpet cleaning service that is staffed by experienced professionals than to try to deep clean carpets on your own. Typically, cleaning services provide five cleaning methods, which are dry cleaning, shampooing, foam cleaning, steam cleaning, and bonnet cleaning. Whichever technique is utilized, all carpets which will be deep cleaned are thoroughly vacuumed by the carpet cleaning service.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpet or rug cleaning which involves shampooing is perhaps the least effective technique. Special detergents are used on the carpet and a carpet cleaning machine is used to agitate it. Then a vacuum is used to extract the shampoo from the carpet. The detergents contain deodorizers and brighteners which leave the carpet looking and smelling fresh.

However, most of the microbes and dirt remain in the carpet and reappear shortly after. Dry cleaning is ideal, since no dry time is necessary. This is done by using a specialized cleaning powder to cover the carpet that attracts dirt like magnets. Thorough vacuuming will then be done.

Foam carpet cleaning uses a minimal amount of foam detergent and water which attracts and sticks to the soil. Thorough vacuuming removes the dirt, detergent and water.

Carpet Steam Cleaning New York

Carpet Steam Cleaning  – NewYorkCarpetCleaning.com

Steam carpet cleaning is the most effective technique used to clean carpets.

Bonnet cleaning is typically preformed in commercial buildings, since it is mainly designed to restore or maintain the look of industrial carpeting as opposed to providing deep cleaning. Additionally, it is potentially damaging to the fibers of most home carpets. Steam cleaning is the most effective technique used to clean carpets. Carpet cleaning NY uses powerful machines which injects a solution of detergent and hot water into the carpet.


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