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Most Common Mistakes of Vacuuming Your Carpets

Most Common Mistakes of Vacuuming Your Carpets

Vacuuming is one of the most basic and essential household chores. It keeps your house clean, and free of harmful allergy-causing bacteria.

However, as important as the process of vacuuming your house is, if it is not done properly it may become a useless exercise all together.

illustration of a woman cleaning carpets

Exactly what qualifies as a mistake when you vacuum? Here you will find the most common mistakes to avoid when vacuuming your home:

Do not vacuum in a rush

Vacuuming is not a 100-meter dash. You should slow down when vacuuming. The vacuum works by a suction process, therefore, it is important to take your time when going back and forth with the vacuum. Cover all the areas of your carpet while vacuuming slowly to allow the vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dirt. If you vacuum slowly, the brush of the vacuum will agitate the carpet’s fibers properly.

Prepare the room before vacuuming

There are certain objects that should not be vacuumed, such as pieces of glass, pins, coins, etc. Make sure the floor is clear of such items, because they can ruin your vacuum cleaner.

Don’t wait until the bag is full

Makers of the vacuum cleaner advise that vacuum cleaners work best when the bag is half full with dirt. It is important to ensure that you empty your vacuum cleaner often, because if you vacuum when the bag is full, it loses its vacuuming efficiency.

Using the wrong attachment with your vacuum cleaner

Most vacuum cleaners come with various attachments. For example, when cleaning in tight spots, the Crevice tool is the most appropriate attachment to use because of its fitted angled tip.

Vacuuming in every direction

This is the most common and frequent mistake. When vacuuming, particularly a rug, the best cleaning experience is achieved when you vacuum in both directions (back and forth). This allows the vacuum cleaner to pick up all the dirt lodged into the deep fibers of your carpet or rug.

Adjust the height of the vacuum

For more efficient vacuuming, it is highly recommended to adjust your vacuum’s height as you move the vacuum cleaner from the rug to hardwood floors! Some vacuums are automated. If yours is not automated, be sure to make the appropriate adjustments.

Now you are well on your way to getting the best vacuuming experience, and your house will thank you for it!




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