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Finding a Reputable Rug Cleaning Service in New York

Finding a Reputable Rug Cleaning Service in New York

Rug Wash Cleaning
Rug Wash Cleaning

Finding a reputable rug cleaning service in New York can make a significant impact on the look of any home or business. Professional and experienced technicians have the right equipment and products to get any type of carpeting, upholstery, and decorative rugs looking like new. Whether a carpet sees regular heavy foot traffic, or is meant to be simply decorative, it is important to keep it in excellent condition for many reasons.

A clean rug not only looks better and offers a more professional feel, but it is also better for the health, since carpets can collect dust and other debris. Dust mites can collect and build up quickly, even if a rug is vacuumed regularly. Pet hairs can also collect in the fibers of rugs and carpets, as well as dander. Pet owners must consider rug cleaning if they want to keep their home in good condition. Stains can be removed with ease by a professional, as well as odors. Rug cleaning is necessary for any business with carpets and area rugs. Rugs made from all types of fibers, including wool, should be handled by specialists to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance.

Rug Cleaning Methods

Steam cleaning is one of the simplest and most effective ways to clean carpets and rugs. Hot water and a gentle rug cleaning solution are used with a heavy duty steam cleaning device, making it an environmentally friendly option. As the machine heats up the water, it is mixed with the rug cleaning solution and then injected right into the rug fibers. Dust mites and built up dirt are loosened and removed. Damp rugs and carpets will dry quickly. The result is a beautiful, fresh, and clean rug that looks and smells as though it were brand new.

Rug Cleaning
Our state of the art, in-plant rug cleaning facility

Persian and Oriental rugs should always be handled with care during the cleaning process, especially if they cost a decent amount of money. Only a rug cleaning expert should be tasked with cleaning delicate and antique rugs. In order to clean these types of rugs safely and effectively, skill and precision are needed. Even rugs that are considered to be works of art can be cleaned in a safe way that maintains the integrity and value of the piece. Only someone knowledgeable about stain removal should handle the task when it comes to any kind of carpet fiber.

Even when people make an effort to keep carpets and rugs clean by removing footwear and vacuuming often, dust and dirt is still going to build up. Going barefoot on a rug is a much gentler option and can keep the item in good shape for many years. In order to tell if a cleaning is needed, a simple checking method can be employed. Picking up the corner and dropping it back down may result in a small cloud of dust, which is a perfect indication that it is time for a professional rug cleaning. Rubbing a bare hand over the fibers for a few seconds can also indicate that the rug is dirty if the hand feels or appears dusty, brown, or gray.

Rugs of any type are an investment, so home and business owners should take the time to research and hire a professional service for regular maintenance. Whether for comfort, decorative purposes, or a combination of both, a rug must be kept clean. Keep dust mites and stains at bay by hiring a qualified rug cleaning service.

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