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Five Myths About Carpet Installation

Five Myths About Carpet Installation

Even if stories about magic carpets have become a thing of the past, our society as a whole still produces a surprising number of myths about carpeting. Take the five popular myths about carpet installation below, for instance—all of them are unequivocally false, yet if you walk into a room full of hardwood floor enthusiasts, you’ll be sure to hear at least one of them espoused like the gospel truth…  in this blog, we will shatter those myths.

carpet installation residential and commercial

Carpet Installation Commercial & Residential

1. Carpet installation is expensive—flooring is cheaper.

In reality, carpeting is one of the most affordable floors covering solutions. It’s cheaper to install than hardwood flooring, but like hardwood flooring, it can last decades when properly cared for. Likewise, while there are some flooring options which may be cheaper than carpet installation in the short term, they are generally quite flimsy and will wear out quickly; when you factor in the cost of replacing a cheap floor every 5 years, carpeting still works out to be the more affordable option.

2. Having carpet installed means you’ll have to endure years of tiring daily maintenance.

People are often warned against carpet installation for residential spaces because, according to the naysayers, carpet is simply “too much work” to clean and maintain vs. flooring. In reality, however, unless you have a penchant for 70’s style shag carpeting, you’ll find that carpet is a lot easier to look after that, for instance, hardwood. After all, you only have to vacuum carpet weekly and have it steam cleaned once a year—you don’t have to sweep it, polish it, wax it, buff it, then strip its coating every few years and have a complete replacement put down…

3.  Carpet installation for commercial spaces is frowned upon because carpets trigger asthma/allergies/harbor bacteria.

Wrong again: Carpeting helps to trap airborne particles like dust and pollen to that they aren’t circulating in the air and therefore getting inhaled by everyone who passes by. Only extremely dirty carpets pose any threat to people with allergies, asthma, or weakened immune systems; as commercial buildings are always professionally cleaned regularly, there is no reason to avoid installing carpeting in them. Carpet also offers a number of benefits for commercial buildings, such as noise reduction and greater insulation (resulting in lower energy costs).

4. You shouldn’t install carpet because it’s bad for the environment.

Like most home furnishings today, carpet can be manufactured from “green” materials. And, due to the insulation benefits mentioned above, having carpet installed in your home or office can reduce how much energy your family or business needs to use—which is good for the environment.

5. Underlay thickness doesn’t really matter.

When having carpet installed, it’s important to remember that the underlay supports the carpet, just like your house’s foundation supports your home. Always choose the correct underlay quality and grade for your needs, even if it costs slightly more.

Not convinced yet? Talk to a certified carpet installation specialist about any questions or concerns you have—you might debunk another common carpet myth in the process.


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