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Great Idea Tip: Protect Your Carpets And Fabrics with Scotchgard Protection

Great Idea Tip: Protect Your Carpets And Fabrics with Scotchgard Protection

Carpets have a shiny, sometimes glossy-look to them. Their glossy look comes from the synthetic fibers they are made of which includes polypropylene, polyester, or nylon. They come in different colors and thicknesses as some are lighter than others. The word “carpet” is usually interchanged with the word “rug” though a carpet covers the entire floor surface of a house while a rug usually covers just a single room.

3m protector scotchgard protection

But, enough of the definitions and technical stuff. Carpets are life savers! Their glossy nature and composition makes them ideal for houses that have abundance of kids or pets as they help to make cleaning easy and usually do not allow for downward penetration of liquids to the floorboard or tiles beneath.

However, even though carpets come with a natural liquid repellent surface, this, usually, is not 100% protective, particularly when it comes to other stains. Carpets, therefore, also still need some form of additional layer covering to protect them. This is where the Scotchgard protection comes in.

ScotchgardTM Protection is produced by the 3M Company in the US and is widely acknowledged to be a very effective and efficient carpet and fabric protector. Scotchgard protection comes in an aerosol (can) and is applied by spraying on the required surface. What makes its application absolutely interesting is that you can do it yourself so come on and let me show the very simple steps on how to use it.

Step 1: Preparation

You need to make sure that your carpet is clean before applying Scotchgard so as to avoid anything being trapped beneath. You can do this by vacuuming your carpet first to rid it of dust and other unwanted dirt. You also need to make sure that metals or any floor fittings with metallic surfaces are covered using tape that would not leave any sticky residue after removal

Step 2: Ventilation

You need to make sure that your room is well ventilated as Scotchgard leaves a slight chemical odor in its wake but this is easily dispelled with proper aeration and cross ventilation.

Step 3: Application

On the back of the Scotchgard can are instruction for its application. You should spray your carpet and fabric twice for maximum effectiveness. Also, to get the best experience, let your carpet or fabric get dry in between coats.

Scotchgard can also be used on other items such as bags or purses made of fabric.

Follow the above steps and your Scotchgard-treated carpet, bag or even purse is now able to fully repel liquids and other stains!




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