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Helpful Carpet Cleaning Tips from The Pros

Helpful Carpet Cleaning Tips from The Pros

carpet cleaning pet stain remover

pet stain remover

No matter how much you try to keep your carpets clean, your carpets will suffer the consequences of spills, accidents or the dirt from the bottom of your shoes. As a professional cleaner, we have decided to put together a helpful guide of how to keep your carpets clean and remove all those tough spots.

Always blot stains, never rub them – pour a some cleaning solution on a clean cloth or a sponge. Blot the spotted area with putting a little pressure on it to soak it up. If you rub the stain, it will go deeper into the carpet’s fiber, which will lead to permanent damage of your carpet.

Club soda is effective in removing beer and wine stains. If you’re having a hard time with it, add white vinegar and water to the mix (equal parts). Good idea to use a hand-held sprayer. Spray the solution on the stain and let it soak for about 15 minutes. Then blot with a clean cloth or a sponge. You may need to repeat the process to remove the stain completely. Once the stain is removed, you may rinse with warm water. Use paper towels to blot the area and dry it completely. It will take some time for the carpet to dry, so I suggest you leave the paper towels in place to avoid anyone walking on it.

Removing gum is easy – use cubes of ice to freeze the gum until frozen solid. Use a spoon to scoop it up. Do not pull the gum with the carpet fibers. If the gum is still stuck to the carpet, gently cut the carpet as close to the gum as you can.

Shaving cream has an amazing results on general stains. Apply a small amount of shaving cream right on top of the stain and let it sit for about half an hour. Then blot with a dry cloth or sponge. Then spray the stain with a solution of one part white vinegar and one part water, then blot dry.

And what about those tough greasy stains? Dishwasher detergent has always been a great method for greasy stains. Just use a drop of dishwasher detergent in a cup of water, using a spray bottle to spray the solution over the greasy stain on the carpet and then blot it with a clean wash cloth.

Wax from burning candles is a common problem on carpets. The wax quickly dries and gets embedded in the carpet’s fibers. The best recommendation is to heat the wax and then remove it. Put a wash cloth on top of the wax and a low-setting heat iron on top of the wash cloth. I do not recommend to put the iron on the carpet directly. Use a piece of cloth in between to heat the wax. Once the wax is hot, scrape it off with a butter knife. Do not use colored cloth to avoid the risk of transferring color onto your carpet.

Blood stains can be removed with hydrogen peroxide. Though if the blood is already dry, first use mild detergent with water to scrape off as much blood as possible. Then apply hydrogen peroxide right on the stain and dab it with towels to completely dry the carpet.

As we try to keep our carpets clean, it is tough to do when we are blessed with kids and pets. To keep our home looking beautiful and clean for the sake of our family, professional steam cleaning is highly recommended. As these high power machines actually extract the cleaning solution along with dirt and deep clean the carpet’s fibers all the way down to the bottom.




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