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The Importance of Mattress Cleaning

Why is mattress cleaning so important for your health?

Ever tried sleeping on a bed without a mattress? Or have you ever slept on the floor with just a carpet cushioning the hard effect of the floor on your body? Mattresses are those fluffy, comfy things we sleep on that makes our nights soft, relaxed, and help us wake up without feeling like we just had a 5-mile run while we were asleep.

mattress cleaning

However, though everyone agrees that mattresses are essential to life, good health, and comfort, mattresses are usually the most neglected of household items when it comes to keeping them clean. We erroneously assume that using clean bedding (bed sheets, duvets, etc.) and changing them ever so often equates to having a clean mattress, but this is usually not the case. Mattresses still retain most of the body oils and skin extracts that come off our bodies when we sleep. Apart from all of these mentioned, why then is it important to clean our mattresses?

  1. To stay healthy and allergy-free

When we sleep, which the average human does for about 8 hours every day, we shed dead skin cells from our body coupled with a lot of sweat. These dead skin cells are fed on by dust mites which thrive in areas of warmth and moisture –which our bodies produce a good amount of during sleep– and the sweat stays on our mattresses breeding germs, bacteria, fungi, etc.

These bacteria are responsible as causative and/or agents for allergies such as asthma, eczema, rhinitis, etc.

  1. To maintain a good and quality indoor air

During sleep, it is not uncommon for our bodies to turn this way and that. However, what happens when we do this is that dust and other air-polluting materials get put up into the air and we breathe these in while we sleep. These materials have been known to be the cause of common, mild ailments such as throat itching, eye soreness, and other more serious respiratory health issues such as respiratory congestion etc.

So, now that you know why you should clean your mattress, how can you clean it and how often should this be done?

Though there are professional cleaning services who specialize in mattress cleaning, you can clean your mattress yourself by using your traditional vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and other dirt. However, you should make sure to thoroughly wash your mattress at least twice a year to ensure the best, healthy, and most hygienic sleeping experience your body deserves.




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