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Pet Urine & Odor Removal – Having Them Professionally Removed By Carpet Cleaners

Pet Urine & Odor Removal – Having Them Professionally Removed By Carpet Cleaners

A pet stain & odor removal professional can neutralize the damage caused by your beloved family pet. Frequently, the urine will not be found for a long time after the incident. The urine content can alter during a pet’s lifetime, due to the animal’s diet, medication, health, age, gender and reproductive cycle. Consequently, some urine stains might be irremovable. If your pet has an accident, dry the excess fluid up using a paper towel. Then, tip some cool water upon the appropriate area. Use more paper towels to dry this up. Dry the area as much as you can, then spray a little household aerosol disinfectant across the area. Often, this will neutralize the urine salts and halt the problem dead in its’ tracks.

pet stain odor removal

Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Over time, urine can affect carpet dyes, although not every accident will produce a permanent stain. If urine spots are permitted to develop gradually and go unnoticed for a long time, the carpet fibers and dyes might be irreparably harmed. With beige carpets, pet urine attacks the blue dye and leaves behind the yellow and red dye.

The resulting stain appears yellow, orange or red. Left untreated, pet urine can harm carpets in multiple ways. Moisture can loosen carpet layers, which facilitates backing material separation. Seams can separate and be damaged quite severely. These more serious problems are permanent, and require replacement.

Another issue, particularly with felines, is odor. Unless cat urine is entirely neutralized or removed, complete odor elimination is improbable. Several products are sold to tackle odor, but many just hide the odor and, during periods of warm weather, the odor might resurface.

Pet Urine & Odor Removal – Hire a professional carpet cleaning company

pet stains and odor remover by NY Carpet Cleaning

If an odor is irremovable, the damaged pad and carpet will have to be refitted. After the carpet is taken up, the sub floor ought to be secured using the correct sealant.

A certified pet stain and odor removable specialist should do this. The manufacturer will guarantee the product for twelve months. Thus, it is sensible to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to remove pet odors from your home.

They will apply a topical odor eliminator that will reduce the odor. Also, they will inject the odor eliminator into the pad and under the carpet. Always locate the offending area in advance, so you do not end up paying for any unnecessary treatment.

Then, the pet stain & odor removal professional can find the urine easily and remove what has to be removed.

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