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Transform Your Rugs with Our Area Rug Cleaning Service

Transform Your Rugs with Our Area Rug Cleaning Service

Have Your Area Rugs Lost Their Luster?

If it seems about time for your area rugs to have a good cleaning, it’s time to call New York Carpet Cleaning! Our area rug cleaning specialists have the expertise to restore your rugs to the original bright, rich colors and stylish look that inspired you to buy them in the first place. Our experts will bring back the luster that convinced you to bring your new area rugs home to add their charm to your décor.

Isn’t it Time to Brighten Those Dingy Rugs?

Even though your area rugs may not appear dirty at first glance, you may be surprised how dingy they’ve` actually grown over time. Until you’ve had them cleaned, it will be hard to envision the difference an area rug cleaning will make. There’s a reason for that: The buildup of dirt on the surface of the rug fibers is a gradual process, making it easy to miss the change, as the once-bright colors gradually grow dull.

Area Rug Cleaning Services

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Our state of the art, in-plant rug cleaning facility

Let New York Carpet Cleaning Transform Your Area Rug

At New York Carpet Cleaning, we have the expertise to transform your area rug into a beautiful version of itself — one that looks very close to the way it looked the day you bought it. We know you’ll be amazed at the difference.

Our experts will make your area rug cleaning easy to schedule. In fact, we’ll even provide free pick-up and delivery to make the entire process even simpler. When you trust your machine-made or hand-crafted area rugs to us, we guarantee you’ll love the transformation!

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