Rug Cleaning Services in NYC

Our Specialized Rug Cleaning Services in New York City

At NY Carpet Cleaning Company, our expert rug cleaning technicians provide highly professional cleaning services for area rugs of all types and materials. From every day, machine-produced rugs to your finest, most valuable handmade heirlooms, our experts are careful to preserve the natural beauty and integrity of your rug — including color, design, and structure — while at the same time completing a deep and thorough cleaning that renews your rug’s brightness and restores its vivid hues. To aid our technicians in achieving this goal, we’ve provided a modern, state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility in New York, NY, which is fully equipped to handle every step of the rug cleaning process.

Whatever type of area rugs you own, you’ll find the rug cleaning experts at New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. to be fully qualified to handle your job. From Persian to Oriental and from handmade antique and heirloom gems to newer hand- and machine-made styles, your area rugs will be handled by our experienced technicians with the utmost care and skill. The professional area rug cleaning in NYC and other closely related services we offer at NY Carpet Cleaning have been carefully developed to keep all your area rugs in top-notch condition, making them not only look better but last longer.

Types of Area Oriental Rugs We Service

We clean all types of hand-crafted and machine-made area rugs including the following:

Persian Oriental Rugs

Revitalize the beauty of your Persian Oriental rugs with our expert carpet cleaning service in New York. Our professional team employs specialized techniques to ensure your rugs receive the gentle yet thorough cleaning they deserve, restoring them to their pristine condition

Antique Rugs

Preserve the timeless charm of your antique rugs with our premium carpet cleaning service in New York City. Our specialized cleaning techniques delicately rejuvenate antique fibers, ensuring they retain their original beauty for generations to come

Indian Rugs

Elevate the vibrance of your Indian rugs with our specialized carpet cleaning service in New York City. Our expert team employs tailored cleaning methods to rejuvenate Indian rug fibers, unveiling their rich colors and intricate patterns

Afghani Rugs

Restore the allure of your Afghani rugs with our specialized carpet cleaning service in New York City. Our meticulous approach revitalizes the intricate designs and vibrant colors, preserving the timeless beauty of these cultural treasures

Pakistani Rugs

Enhance the splendor of your Pakistani rugs with our specialized carpet cleaning service in New York City. Our meticulous cleaning techniques delicately revive the intricate patterns and vivid colors, ensuring your rugs retain their exquisite allure

Turkish Rugs

Discover the excellence of our dedicated carpet cleaning service in New York City, designed to breathe new life into your Turkish rugs. With a focus on preserving their unique character and intricate designs, we ensure your rugs remain a testament to timeless beauty

Moroccan Rugs

Elevate the allure of your Moroccan rugs with our specialized carpet cleaning service in New York City. Our meticulous methods are tailored to preserve the authenticity and vibrant patterns of Moroccan craftsmanship, ensuring your rugs maintain their captivating charm.

Silk Rugs

Restore the luxurious sheen of your silk rugs with our expert carpet cleaning service in New York City. Our specialized techniques delicately cleanse and rejuvenate silk fibers, ensuring your rugs maintain their exquisite luster and beauty.

Oriental Rugs

Transform your space with the exquisite beauty of Oriental rugs through our specialized carpet cleaning service in New York City. With meticulous care, we revive intricate patterns and vibrant colors, ensuring your rugs stand as timeless works of art in your home.

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Rug Cleaning New York City

Our Extensive Services Maintain the Pristine Condition of Your Area Rugs​

In addition to our premier area rug cleaning service in NYC, our dedicated team offers a comprehensive range of area rug care solutions designed to address various issues and restore the original allure of your rugs. From deep cleaning to stain removal and fiber protection, we employ advanced techniques to ensure your rugs look their best and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Deep Vacuuming

Experience the transformative power of our deep vacuuming services, ensuring thorough dirt and debris removal for immaculately clean and refreshed living spaces.

Deep Vacuuming

Our comprehensive carpet cleaning process combines advanced techniques and eco-friendly products to effectively remove stains, dirt, and allergens, leaving your carpets looking and feeling like new

Standard Area Rug Cleaning

Elevate the cleanliness and freshness of your home with our expert standard area rug cleaning service, meticulously tailored to restore the vibrancy and integrity of your cherished rugs.

Standard Area Rug Cleaning

Our meticulous standard area rug cleaning process employs industry-leading techniques and eco-friendly solutions to gently lift dirt, stains, and allergens, ensuring a thorough and revitalizing clean for your treasured rugs.

Organic Area Rug Cleaning

Experience peace of mind with our organic area rug cleaning process, harnessing the power of natural, eco-friendly solutions to deliver a safe and effective clean that preserves the integrity of your rugs and promotes a healthier indoor environment."

Organic Area Rug Cleaning

Our organic area rug cleaning process harnesses the power of natural, eco-friendly solutions to gently lift dirt and stains while preserving the integrity of your rugs and promoting a healthier indoor environment

Dry Cleaning

We proudly offer dry cleaning as a specialized service as part of our comprehensive carpet cleaning solutions in New York City, ensuring a convenient and efficient way to refresh and revitalize your carpets and upholstery.

Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning process utilizes advanced techniques and specialized solutions to effectively remove dirt and stains from your carpets, rugs, and upholstery, leaving them refreshed and ready to use in no time.


Get the freshest results with our professional deodorization service, effectively eliminating odors and leaving your carpets, rugs, and upholstery smelling clean and inviting


Our meticulous deodorization process targets and neutralizes odors at their source, leaving your carpets, rugs, and upholstery smelling fresh and revitalized.

Stain and Spot Removal

We provide professional stain and spot removal as part of our comprehensive cleaning solutions, ensuring the effective elimination of tough stains and spots from your carpets, rugs, and upholstery

Stain and Spot Removal

Our stain and spot removal service targets and removes stubborn stains and spots from your surfaces, restoring them to a pristine condition and enhancing the overall cleanliness of your space.

Area Rug Cleaning – Pet odor and stain removal

We offer a range of specialized services, including area rug cleaning with a focus on pet odor and stain removal.

Area Rug Cleaning – Pet odor and stain removal

Our area rug cleaning service effectively eliminates pet odors and stains, restoring the freshness and cleanliness of your rugs.

Area rug repair and re-fringing

Our team provides area rug repair and re-fringing to restore the integrity and beauty of your cherished rugs.

Area rug repair and re-fringing

Our area rug repair service addresses damages and wear, ensuring your rugs look their best for years to come

Scotchgard protector treatment

Enhance the longevity of your carpets and upholstery with our Scotchgard protector treatment.

Scotchgard protector treatment

Our Scotchgard protector treatment forms a protective barrier against spills and stains, keeping your surfaces looking newer for longer.

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Our Rug Cleaning Process Explained

The rug cleaning procedures used at NY Carpet Cleaning are designed to separate dirt, grime, soil, and particulate matter from your rug’s fibers and remove these invaders for good. We use a well-documented, industry-recognized step-by-step process to achieve this goal.

Our rug cleaning specialists strictly adhere to the following rug cleaning protocol:

  • Preliminary Inspection – Our preliminary inspection helps us to determine how heavily soiled your rug is, whether any stains are present, and what other specific factors will need to be addressed during your rug cleaning.
  • Deep Dusting – We then give your area rug a deep dusting, using our automated dusting equipment to loosen and remove the ground-in dirt and other solid debris that has built up over time.
  • Pre-Treatment & Pre-Cleaning – Our next step is to pre-treat your rug with a specialized spot-erasing treatment that thoroughly preps the rug’s fibers for stain removal during cleaning. At the same time, we pre-clean areas that are more heavily soiled due to their location in higher-traffic areas.
  • Rug Cleaning & Agitation – This step involves using a combination of hot water and cleaning solution to dissolve the soil and loosen grime, separating them from the rug’s fibers through agitation to prepare them for removal.
  • Water & Soil Extraction – Next, we use a powerful extractor to suction out the water, soil, and cleaning solution from your rug. Our process allows us to clean both sides of your rug to ensure that it’s clean clear through. This process removes most of the water, so your rug dries more quickly.
  • Careful Grooming – We then use specialized grooming tools to restore the natural look of your rug’s nap to be sure it dries looking its best.
  • Climate-Controlled Drying – Our thoroughly modern, climate-controlled drying chamber completes the job, evaporating the remainder of the moisture from your rug and finishing the drying process in less than one day.
  • Final Inspection & Delivery – At this point, your area rug is once again inspected to ensure that the cleaning quality yielded by our process meets our stringent standards. Once we are satisfied that your rug meets these standards, we roll, wrap, and prepare to deliver your bright, clean rug to your home.

Our State-of-the-Art Professional Rug Cleaning Facility

We’ve provided a modern, state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility, which is fully equipped to handle every step of the rug cleaning process. Our cleaning facility is fully equipped with all the latest state-of-the-art equipment and supplies needed to give your area rugs the deep but
careful cleansing they require for renewed color and vibrancy.

Free Area Rug Pickup & Delivery Start & End the Process

At New York Carpet Cleaning Company, we offer free pickup and delivery of your oriental rug anywhere within our service area. At your convenience, one of our qualified oriental rug cleaning technicians will visit your home to carefully assess, prepare, and transport your rug to our cleaning facility, returning it safely to your home after cleaning.

What You Can Expect During Your Rug Cleaning Service Appointment

When you set up your appointment with our area rug cleaning specialists, our experts will come to your home promptly at the agreed-upon time, assess your job, and discuss the details with you. With your permission, they will then prepare your rug to be transported to our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility, where it will be run through our multi-step preparatory, cleaning, grooming, and drying process, before being transported back to your home, safe and sound. At that time, our technician will reinstall your rug and allow you to thoroughly inspect it to be sure you have no questions or concerns about the work we’ve done.

Our primary goal is your complete satisfaction. Our cleaning specialists will always take special care of your antique, handmade, specialty, or otherwise delicate area rugs. Call today and let our experts make your area rugs look brand new!

Personalized & Efficient Service, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

From the moment you contact us to schedule your appointment until your area rug cleaning service is complete and your rug safely returned and reinstalled in your home, you can expect personalized service from our courteous and responsive professional area rug cleaning experts. When you need additional services, such as oriental rug repair or area rug pads for hardwood floor we will add these to your oriental rug cleaning service and see to it that each job is handled competently and efficiently. Because every customer’s satisfaction is important to us, we always offer our generous 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is just one more reason to call New York Carpet Cleaning Company at (212) 300-5744 for all your carpet cleaningupholstery cleaning, and rug cleaning needs.

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