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Mattress Cleaning Service from NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

mattress cleaning serviceAt New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. we stress the importance of mattress cleaning. As we all know, we spend a great deal of time in our beds, and mattresses get dirty just like carpets, especially if pets sleep on them, too. It is very important to clean the mattress as thoroughly as we do the rest of our home. No matter how careful you are, dead skin, mites, dust, arachnids end up on your mattress.

Dust mites feed on skin cells that shed continuously. You can’t see them, these are all microscopic. Studies show that about 45% of homes have enough dust mites in their bed to cause allergens which cause allergies and most of them found in the mattress.

Mattress Cleaning for Easy Breathing & Allergy Relief

How to effectively control allergic and asthma reactions? You should consider cleaning your mattress regularly at least every 6 months. New York Carpet Cleaning Company can help you take care of your allergen problem. We use high powered state-of-the-art vacuum machine, we use safe yet effective mattress cleaning agents on your mattress using anti-bacterial cleaning solutions that will leave your mattress allergen free. We will leave you with a sanitized mattress, mite-free, clean and refreshed. To prolong a clean mattress, we recommend using a dust-mite mattress cover.

100% Mattress Cleaning guarantee on our work

Our policy is to make sure you are totally satisfied with our services. We realize that we got where we are today because we provide our customers with superior customer care and high quality cleaning services. Simply contact our expert staff to schedule your mattress cleaning today.