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Reviews and Testimonials of our Cleaning Services

Satisfied customers with satisfied smiles are the calling cards of our business. Please find below a few customer reviews for NY Carpet Cleaning.


Very happy with the rug cleaning service! Having a long Labor Day weekend was great. I invited some of my friends and family over to my house for a little gathering. I had about 9 people show up, which I thought was a great turn out. However, the mess wasn’t so great. One of my guest spilled wine on my newly purchased rug and that upset me. I tried to blot out the wine, but the stain was still there and it did smell like wine. I called New York Carpet Cleaning the next day. They came, picked up the rug and said they will return in a few days. After a few days, they called me for an appointment, just to make sure I was home. They brought over the rug and rolled it in front of me. I thought that was very professional of them to let me see it before they left. To my surprise, the stain was gone. I couldn’t even tell that there was one. I was so happy. The rug looked new again, and it smelled wonderful. Great job!

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I’ve always used New York Carpet Cleaning as my only carpet cleaning service because they’ve always shown me courtesy and professionalism. Always on time, efficient and even their prices are very reasonable. I have always been pleased with their service and would recommend them to anyone.

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I’m writing this to let everyone know how pleased I am with the work New York Carpet Cleaning did in my house. I have called them several times for carpet cleaning and oriental rugs services and I was very happy with services they provided. The team was very efficient, on time and the end results were great. I am recommending this company to everyone who needs Carpet Cleaning services.

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I had a party last night and needed my carpets cleaned. I called New York Carpet Cleaning to clean my carpets. I called several carpet cleaners in the past, but always had good results with New York Carpet Cleaning so I called them once more. As usual, they did a phenomenon job cleaning my carpets. They’re always punctual, thorough and very polite.

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New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. is my life saver!! I got all new carpet in my living room just last year. A few months ago, I got a new puppy and she destroyed my new carpet before she had potty training learned. There were puddles and stains all over my WHITE carpet, and it smelled terrible. Now she’s trained, and I had New York Carpet Cleaning come over and clean my disgusting carpet. I didn’t really think they’d be able to get all of it out because the carpet is so white and the stains had been sitting for a little while, but they got all of the stains and smell out! I’m so happy! This saved me so much money because now I don’t have to get new carpet again after only one year! Recommend.

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I called and used many carpet cleaning service companies over the years and have never been satisfied with any of them until I called New York Carpet Cleaning. It is very rare to find companies who truly care about their customers, and I must say New York Carpet Cleaning is one of those companies. I can’t say enough good things about them. I had flooding issues last week because of a pipe that burst. I called them and I’m sure I sounded desperate. They came when I asked them and they cleaned and dried out my carpets. I was pleased with the quick service and professionalism they demonstrated.

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I had New York Carpet Cleaning clean my carpets last Mon, and they did an awesome job at a great price. I used their coupon online. I give them A+ for customer service and quality work.

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