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Premier Carpet Cleaning And Rug Cleaning Company In Pleasantville NY

Clean and fresh carpets can transform the look and feel of an entire home. You love to have clean carpets and upholstery, but life is busy, and you don’t have time to attack those dirty jobs yourself. Contact us so we can work our cleaning magic on your home. We take care of your worst cleaning tasks quickly and at a price that is affordable for you. We do the dirty work, and you and your family enjoy the benefits.

Carpet Cleaning Pleasantville New York: Getting the Grime Out

Carpet Cleaning Pleasantville NY, New York carpet cleaning, Inc.

Carpet Cleaning Pleasantville NY, New York carpet cleaning, Inc.

We have all the latest equipment and techniques to make the carpets in Pleasantville, NY live up to the town’s name. Your carpets are treated with care while we clean deeply, getting out stains, pet odors, and ground in dirt. Not only does our process make your home fresh and clean smelling, it helps extend the life of your carpets by ridding them of debris that destroys carpet fibers. Our process is safe and thorough, so the disruption to your already busy life is minimal. Our carpet cleaning service is among the area’s best.

Area Rugs Cleaning – Have Your Area Rugs Lost Their Luster?

New York Carpet Cleaning Inc can also take care of your area rugs, which attract as much dirt and grime as your carpets. Our professionals give them a thorough yet gentle cleaning that will make them beautiful again and an asset to the look of your home.

If you have precious oriental rugs, we can use our careful, proven methods on them, deep cleaning while preserving their beauty. You can trust us with your valuable and fragile showpiece carpets and rugs as well as anything else we clean in your home.

Carpet Cleaning Pleasantville New York: Upholstery Cleaning

Couches, loveseats, and recliners: they all take a beating every day, and in the process, they accumulate an amazing amount of dirt and stains. Children and pets do their best to dull the look of your furniture with spills, dirty feet, and pet fur, but we can deep clean your leather and your fabric upholstery and make them look new again. To help you keep your furnishings looking great between shampooing, we offer deep vacuuming services. Also, if you are tired of the food and dirt stains on your prized couch, we can provide you with a Scotchgard treatment that keeps grime from sinking into your upholstery fibers.

Carpet Cleaning Pleasantville New York: Special Services

For those of you concerned about the use of chemicals, New York Carpet Cleaning Inc offers 100% organic cleaning services that are completely nontoxic and fully biodegradable. Not only will your carpets and upholstery be clean, you can be assured that your family will not be exposed to chemicals and that the surrounding environment will not suffer from them as well. Our organic services are just another way we help our clients while honoring our commitment to environmental safety.

We also offer other specialized services, including carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, drapery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, pet stain and odor removal, and mattress cleaning. We dedicate ourselves to leaving your home in pristine condition. You will be amazed at how bright and new your house looks after we work our cleaning magic on it. You’ll then be able to enjoy months of a beautifully clean home by doing only routine maintenance. Then, when you need us again, just give us a call. We work to establish long-term relationships with our clients.

When you need quality, reliable cleaning services, contact New York Carpet Cleaning Inc in Pleasantville New York  at (914) 600-7220. We can easily take care of your most daunting cleaning tasks, letting you enjoy the results without having to tackle the tiresome and difficult chores yourself. Contact us today, and let’s get started on giving your home a fresh, clean start.

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