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Carpet cleaning and Rug Cleaning Company in Tarrytown, NY

Carpet cleaning Tarrytown NY

It may be difficult to choose a great carpet cleaning service in the Tarrytown area. There are a great number of professional carpet cleaning Tarrytown NY companies. New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. is one of the best in the business. This company provides quality service to both residential and commercial properties. We only hire the best technicians to care for flooring needs. Our business will provide total customer satisfaction every time. For added peace of mind, our company offers a 30 day, total clean guarantee. If a customer is not completely satisfied, our business service team will return and perform the duties again for free. This is a testament to the way be value our customers’ needs.

Carpet Cleaning Tarrytown NY – Bringing Our Award-Winning Services to Tarrytown

NY Carpet Cleaning, INC. has been performing carpet cleaning Tarrytown NY duties for many years. Our company understands that even the cleanest home or business can accumulate dust, pollen, or hidden dirt. These items can lead to allergies or asthma problems. NY Carpet Cleaning, INC. will use professional equipment to restore a fully complete freshness to a home or office. Deep cleaning will be provided to bring the natural beauty back into the space. New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. also encourages safety and a green environment. Our company often invites clients to take advantage of our “green” carpet cleaning services that are available. NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc. offers a hypoallergenic cleaning upgrade. Special products are used that do not harm the environment. They are ideal for a house that is filled with pets or children.

New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. Cleaning Services

Besides carpet cleaning, New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. offers many other services. For instance, our carpet cleaning service provides cleaning for drapes, area rugs, upholstery, and pet odor removal. NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc. has a facility that is filled with the latest equipment that can deep clean area rugs. We use hot water extraction to remove residue without harming delicate pieces. We also have a climate controlled drying room to ensure the fastest turnover rate possible. NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc. also cleans window treatments. Curtains are often filled with hidden dirt that can affect allergies as well. Our company uses a steam process that leaves draperies as good as new. Delicate lace, silk, velvet, and virtually any fabric will be cared for without worry. This cleaning also includes shutters and blinds as well. New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. also has the power to clean a furniture’s upholstery. Our company uses a two step process that deep cleans and rinses with a pH balanced solution in order to loosen dirt and remove odors. Finally, one of the best offerings of NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc. is our pet odor and stain removal. This is something that not every carpet cleaning service will provide. Our technicians use a black light to determine the areas that are in most need of treatment. Each spot is pre treated to break down the stains. Using a unique enzyme cleaner, the odors and stains are taken away. Instead of masking odors, like other cleaning companies, NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc. destroys the bacteria and removes stains. Even stubborn cases are never a problem. Carpet Cleaning Tarrytown NY services are important. This is why choosing a carpet cleaning service that promotes quality work and customer satisfaction is key. New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. is just a phone call away.

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