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Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning Services in White Plains NY

Carpet Cleaning White Plains NY

Carpet Cleaning White Plains NY by New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

Carpet Cleaning White Plains NY services can bring many benefits to customers. However, it is important to choose the best company possible. New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. offers quality service at great prices. Our business will bring carpets back to near original condition. We will also remove all hidden dust that leads to allergies or asthma problems. Some people are surprised to uncover how well a professional carpet cleaning service will work. NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc. places customers on top of our list of priorities.

We hire the most experienced workers who know how to run our high tech equipment. No job is too difficult for us to complete. We work in both residential and commercial locations. Total customer satisfaction is our guarantee. If someone is not totally pleased with the performed services, NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc. will return to redo the job from the beginning until the problem has been corrected.

New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. has been in the industry for many years. We truly understand what a customer wants and are always willing to achieve success with every job. Even the cleanest home or office may contain hidden and trapped dirt. This can cause health hazards. NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc. thoroughly cleans an area to get rid of dirt, stains, and other debris. Besides our normal products, our carpet cleaning service offers special “green” products for a small additional cost. These items are good for the environment because they contain no harmful chemicals. This will be a smart option for homes that are filled with animals or children. This is a clear demonstration of how NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc. goes above and beyond for customer needs.

Carpet Cleaning White Plains NY – Award-Winning Services

New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. is more than a carpet cleaning service. We are also available to clean window treatments, area rugs, and remove pet stains and odors. Not every Carpet Cleaning White Plains NY service will supply this variety of tasks. We have a special facility where area rugs get cleaned. We send our delivery service directly to customers for prompt pickup. All types of rugs can be cleaned without worry.

We finish the drying process in a climate controlled room as well. This means that service is completed in the least amount of time possible. NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc. also cleans window draperies, blinds, and shutters. These are the places in the home where dust becomes trapped and hidden. Our steam process will not harm even the most delicate or sheer fabrics. Another service that we offer is upholstery cleaning. NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc. uses a dual step process to clean and rinse furniture fabrics. The end result is a fresh piece of furniture.

Finally, NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc. will help homeowners remove pet stains and smells. Even deep stains are not a problem. To get rid of hidden stains, we use black light technology. All stains are treated with a unique enzyme solution. This kills bacteria and removes the bad aroma from the air. When a person is in need of a Carpet Cleaning White Plains NY service, there is no need to look beyond NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc. We are much more than a simple carpet cleaning service. We freshen an area to protect the health and well being of all customers. Organize a consultation and see first hand how well we work.

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New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc. The multi-award winning company features a complete menu of services and offers its customers a 30-Day, 100%-Clean guarantee