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Pet Stain and Odor Removal Services

Pet Stain & Odor Removal Services

Pet stains and odors can cause a serious ongoing problem in your home. While your pets are certainly important to you, it’s equally important for you and your family that you find a viable solution to the pet accidents that create an unsanitary environment that can interfere with your healthy enjoyment of your home. When pet accidents occur on absorbent surfaces like your carpets, rugs, and upholstery, they not only create stained and unpleasant-smelling areas that become a breeding ground for bacteria, but the hard-to-remove odor attracts your pets back to the same areas over and over again, compounding the problem. That’s why it’s critical to call in the professionals at NY Carpet Cleaning company to handle your New York or New Jersey pet stain and odor removal job.

We understand how important your pet is to you and your family. That’s why pet accidents and the odors they leave behind are even more frustrating. And because these odors are embedded in your carpets and upholstery, they can often attract your pet to “reoffend” again and again, creating a vicious cycle that leads to an embarrassing problem.

Pet odor and stain removal treatment of your carpets, rugs, and upholstery by NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

Pet odor and stain removal treatment of your carpets, rugs, and upholstery by NY Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

Our Pet Odor Removal and Stain Removal Process

Step 1: Black Light Detection of Problem Areas

Using a black light, we carefully examine all areas of your carpet and upholstery to detect the telltale signs of pet urine: The urine salts that have been deposited into the carpet and dried there will glow under the black light. This is the best way of locating all urine-contaminated areas.

Step 2: Pre-Treatment with ­­ Protein-Digesting Solution

Our pet odor specialists will then pre-treat your carpet or upholstery with a solution that breaks down the proteins in the urine, preparing them for removal.

Step 3: Pet Odor and Stain Removal from carpets, rug and upholstery using Special Enzyme Cleaners

We then use organic enzyme cleaners that work to microscopically break down, digest, and remove the odors and stains. Our methods do not simply mask unpleasant pet odors. They destroy the bacteria that cause odors.

Stubborn Cases

Stubborn cases where pet urine has soaked down through the carpet’s backing, into the padding, and possibly even onto the floor, require special treatment with deep extraction methods. Especially stubborn cases can sometimes involve temporarily removing the carpet to replace the pad and tack strip and treat the floor and underside of the carpet. Our expert carpet cleaner-installers would then replace the carpet before completing the cleaning and pet stain-removal process.

Quality Pet Odor and Pet Stain Removal from New York Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

Pet Stain and Pet Odor Removal from Carpets

Your Home Can Be Beautiful & Fresh-Smelling Again

Let the professionals at NY Carpet Cleaning help rid your home of the embarrassing pet stains and odors that not only ruin your personal enjoyment of your home but also make you reluctant to invite friends, neighbors, and even relatives over for a visit. Once our carpet cleaning experts have completed their pet odor and stain removal treatment of your carpets, rugs, and upholstery, you’ll breathe easier knowing that not only you and your family but everyone who enters your home will enjoy a more pleasant, attractive, and fresh-smelling indoor environment.

Let us help you turn your home into the fresh, clean, relaxing haven you’ve always dreamed it could be. Call Hoboken Carpet Cleaning to schedule your professional pet odor and stain removal service today. There’s no reason to wait another day to have the fresh, clean surroundings you love.

Pet Stain and Pet Odor Removal from Carpet – YouTube Video

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